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Finally Season 1
DarkFlamee3 months ago

We are glad to announce that Season 1 is starting soon ( 2 to 3 days )..

Thank to every players, mod, helpers, youtubers and even haters to made skypixel a successful and better server with many active players.
We hope Season 1 will give you better experience than all other pre release servers.

All of our team members are doing there best to make skypixel season 1 successful.

We will not add End and Nether in first update of Season 1 bcz end and nether is still in development and we don't wanna make skypixel a bugpixel 2077 so it will be added in next upcoming updates.

Currently there will be only 7 island 
> Spawn  &nbsp...



Skypixel is one of the best skyblock server don't forget to join!!

If you need support, visit our Discord server: http://discord.skypixel.games

Thank you and enjoy,

The SkypixelMC Development team.

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