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Finally Season 1
Started by SkyPixel

We are glad to announce that Season 1 is starting soon ( 2 to 3 days )..

Thank to every players, mod, helpers, youtubers and even haters to made skypixel a successful and better server with many active players.
We hope Season 1 will give you better experience than all other pre release servers.

All of our team members are doing there best to make skypixel season 1 successful.

We will not add End and Nether in first update of Season 1 bcz end and nether is still in development and we don't wanna make skypixel a bugpixel 2077 so it will be added in next upcoming updates.

Currently there will be only 7 island 
> Spawn             - which contain shops, bank, npcs etc
> Barn                - which contain animals, crops field etc
> Forest             - you will get every type of wood from here
> Graveyard       - here you can grind for xp levels
> Spider Den     - fight with spiders, and spider bosses
> Coal Mine       - you know what this mean
> Deep Caverns - mine gold, iron, diamond, emerald and many more from here

We will give our best to fix bugs and keep updating the server
There will be weeky maintenance to fix issues and implement some updates means on every Sunday or Saturday

Discord Link - click here

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