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Make their price correctly for exmaple
1diamond is selling for 5 so enchanted diamond price will be 32 ×5 =160
160×5=800 for 1 enchanted diamond price 800

Next bazaar price

Make bazaar like real life sometime the price get high and low make price like that
in Bazaar if the enchanted diamond price is 800 did the rate up it will price will be 1020 when it low its price 600 or 700

Reward after killing dragon

When we kill dragon most damaged player get 200k and Don t give ARMOR give 8dragon fragment to player so they will decid they want to make ARMOR or sell it is bazaar
1st most damage player get 8fragment and dragon sword
2scd 5or 4 fragment 200k money

Add custom Enchantment

Add enchanted diamond block ,gold block ,iron ,lapis

Add swords golem sword ,end sword ,pigman sword,leaping sword, with custom enchanted

Add builder wand

Add collection like hypixel

For upgrade minion need enchanted items

thx a lot :)
about 1 month ago
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