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Dungeons aka Catacombs

Add dungeons. Dungeons should be a generated series of rooms, players ending in a boss fight. Like Hypixel there should be Floors. Each floors should be harder that the other. There should be puzzles and secrets to find. Also there should be custom rng drops from the mobs. Last you should get rewards from chests. Rewards should be based how much dmg and how well the player did in the dungeons.
Within each Dungeon, the following special rooms will always generate:

1 starting room - Green Room
At least 2 puzzle rooms - Purple Room
1 mini-boss room - Yellow Room
1 Fairy room - Pink Room
1 Blood room - Red Room
1 Trap room (Floor 3+ only) - Orange Room
The rest of the space is filled in with normal rooms - Brown Rooms.

Special rooms are always generated in 1x1 space, and generate at the end of a chain of connected rooms. Normal rooms can generate in 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2 or L-shaped space.

Dungeon Mobs spawn in all normal rooms. Their spawning locations are set, and in some cases their type, as in Lonely Spider spawns in the spider room.

Each room also has a number of Dungeon Secrets, which appear in fixed locations. Each Secret, when found, awards the player with loot or a team-wide buff, and adds to the score for that run.

A Magical Map of the Dungeon replaces the SkyBlock Menu once the Dungeon begins. This map shows the location of all rooms as well as their completion status. It is taken away once entering the boss room. When right-clicked, it functions as a SkyBlock Menu.
about 1 month ago
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