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The upgrade need for end

Make end endermen hp 5200 and they drop enchanted enderpreal but drop chance 40%to50%

If you can make custom mob like obsidian defender make there he 9800 and they drop enchanted obsidian drop chance must 100% and his power be like wither skeleton power black healt did they damage player the players 30hp will gone without armor

Next mob
Defender of end there weapon is bow did the arrow hit the player his 60hp will gone
If player kill them they will get bow of end
Drop chance 50%and his power giving slowness to player for 10sec

In end there a market that sell items use for end

Summon eye

In old skypixel there was a recipe of summon eye that was hard that good but make a summon eye that we will get from any boss in end like enderman boss it hp 200k and he can recover hp every 1min 50k hp will recover and he drop summon eye and the enderman boss spawn every day 1time and the recipe methods also good but make more hard
And it's price be like 1.5m in Bazaar and in auction custom we can buy Bazaar summon eye the recipe of summon eye I will say next suggestion

The power of enderman boss will like wither power

Take time to make this thing real

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